Services Offered

Are you in need of a nursing, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician testifying expert?

HMC founder Kenyetta Christmas is available as a consulting expert or testifying expert depending on the nature of your case. She can provide brief, moderate, and comprehensive case summaries or chronological timelines based on your request. These summaries lay out the important details, so you won’t be caught by surprise during negotiations or trial. She can also handle researching the standards of care and determine if they have or haven’t been breached.

Do you have a mountain of unorganized and complicated records you need to review?

Do you have medical-legal cases where you are unsure of their merit?

Are you unsure if a pre-existing condition is playing a role in your personal injury case?

Save time and money by letting Hough Medical Consulting put years of medical training and clinical experience to work for you in assessing the merits of medical-legal cases, interpreting complex medical terminology, and ensuring that no significant facts are overlooked in the relevant medical records. HMC stands by the goal of providing unbiased, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to medical-legal cases, allowing you to remain focused on your client and other matters related to your case.

Litigation Support Services

Benefit from comprehensive support services both before and during the trial.


  • Medical research
  • Medical record organization
  • Review for merit
  • Case chronologies
  • Identifying potential defendants
  • Case summaries identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a case
  • Billing summaries
  • Identification of the standard of care
  • Demand letters
  • Locating experts
  • Interviewing clients, key witnesses, and experts



  • Assisting with the preparation and answering of interrogatories
  • Drafting deposition questions and deposition summaries
  • Preparing exhibits for deposition
  • Preparing and responding to the production of documents
  • Reviewing and drafting responses to various legal documents and correspondence
  • Attending depositions, trials, review panels, arbitration, and mediation hearings



  • Preparing demonstrative evidence (tables, charts, graphs)
  • Preparing questions for witnesses


Expert Witness Support Services

Access expert witness analysis and testimony within the following categories.
  • Nursing
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Expert Fact Witness
  • Pain and Suffering (Federal Rule of Evidence 1006)


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